Written by Kevin McMahon
Performed by Lucky Pierre
ThinKing CD Cover Image
When I was an altar boy, you were always there,
I would have died for you
I was under a spell Divine
I thought calamity was calm, inside this crock of lies
But every time I snuck away you'd knock me in the head
You said it hurt you more than it hurt me, oh yeah, i bet
Another white lie

But now I'm an altered man, and you are sort of here, out of concoction fear
EverybellTowerBashing mocks that hour, Dead, dancin' out of step with time co
Coffin in my head, Livin' on Signs

And I know I've got a shitty attitude
It's a price I pay everyday in everything I do
But it ain't attention that I'm after now
I just thought I'd mention that I'm breaking down

I gotta get out of Hollywood, 'cuz it's eatin' me up fast, it's like an acidbath
I'll spend my time tracking tunes 'till my big day o. k. ?
I'll cut my hair, I'll say "oh well", to all those Lucky days ( if I survive )

I will have a better attitude
I'll love my life might take a wife who really loves a scrooge
Pump out little babies like a rabbit would
Find an occupation that does this world good

And we will have a perfect family
I'll like my wife and all our kids, and they will all like me
And Adam, my son, will be very well read
But if he's a slacker
I will knock his head. . .

But it'll hurt me more