Fans & Cameras
Written by Kevin McMahon
Performed by Lucky Pierre
Fans & Cameras / Idlewood 7" Cover Image
1978-1988 Cassette Cover Image
When I was young
I had a lot of dull friends
But I was it on news stands
Staring at fans and cameras
Fences and lenses

I was a natural
When I was young
But not anymore

When I was nine
I wasn't like those other guys
I was already motorized
To being on their eyes
I'll race ya
I'll really race ya

I could always see the girl next door
Taking off her clothes when she got bored
The funniest thing that I recall
Is when we started rockin' the boat

And I can see the lights and fine attire
I can hear voices straining higher

But the feeling I love most
The feeling I love most

?? Outside
So you leave me in there
The most too lazy
And are too scared to fear
What might be out there
Hey, what you think of my smile

Was only sixty pounds
No cause a commotion
Never had friends
Never had a frendship broken

And I was solid then
I had no corrosion
Didn't need pets
Never asked a girl's devotion

So lucky