Chilly Willy
Written by Kevin McMahon
Performed by Lucky Pierre
Cool Summer Night / Chilly Willy 7" Cover Image
First day he looked a little strange,
Used a shirt for turban,
The month of July,
One oh one farenheit,
A buttoned overcoat up tight,

Chilly Willys alright,
We derived his name from his 'dress for ice' (?),
He's unaccepted in life,
So through fanticies doors he lead his mind,

But you know me,
what a fool I can be,
forgot to ask for the key,

The next day he came with a wool ski cap,
And 'popsicle stick decor' (?),
Strips of eagles stamps decorating his back/cap (?)
displayed a fetish for a good cause,
He raised a pair, held it in the air,
'Grabbed it in like a cat, and his tail' (?),
He talks to fruit while walking backward to boot,
But he's too aloof to be just another punk,

Chilly Willys alright,
The gentle transcendental kind,
He dilly-dallys through life,
among the hustling and bustling kind,

But part of the race,
I fell flat on my face,
forgot to ask for the pace,

We greeted with sneers,
and we should've with cheers,
The total ??
Only contents of cans,
mostly eaten since then,
never heard what that man said,

Chilly Willy melodramatizes,
the way we worship foolish things,
think about the things he doesn't tell me

Is it wrong to want to stay yourself?
Life's fiction and injustice,
Is it wrong to talk to grapes afterall?
Half the people in the world don't hear us,
And Chilly knows that the world is cold,
No matter what the temperature outside is,
And is it wrong to kneel, praising automobiles,
Afterall the cars are God in the U.S.A.

Down, down, dee-dee-dat
Turn around, dit-dit-dat
Down, down, dee-dee-dat
Turn around, dit-dit-dat