Written by Kevin McMahon
Performed by Lucky Pierre
1978-1988 Cassette Cover Image
1990 Studio Demo Cassette Cover Image
I'm drowning
Underneath the trees
You can do what you wanna do
But you keep sounding
You wanna tell me more
You never say what you wanna
Go on and say it

Well I can't believe this town is really this drab
My whole position
My family plans

Gimme kisses
Gimme kisses
I can't stand anymore now

Like you used to
I know you still do it
You're just such a tease when you wanna be

And I don't believe this winter's really our year
This contemplating waiting
Something's gone queer

Hey, Allushia
Oh, you can't leave me now
Oh, never never leave me
Never say stand back

Just bring it on home
Drive on
Drive on