Written by Kevin McMahon
Performed by Lucky Pierre
Stetson's / Once A Child 7" Cover Image
Top dog in the big hotel
You know Stetson Lee
Bubble head in your king size bed
He sent this message with me

Silver houses are made to fold
All your houses are ?stick?
And I've been testing my citizenship
Hell, you got my vote
Pick up the phone

You're always cruisin' round the world
Don't take it
Facts and figures
And I'm caught in red tape

Heya Paul how'd you get that way
She's got beautiful style
Paul and Mary how'd you get that way
In the British Isles
It must be easy breezy

All you people ?are upside? down
I came ?knockin places down?
And I'm caught in red tape

Look out your window
He might be there
Over shoulders he stares
??? briefcase
??? danger zone
??? danger