Pi Squared
Written by Kevin McMahon
Performed by Lucky Pierre
1978-1988 Cassette Cover Image
He arrived in the eighth week
Caught his mother quite off guard
But all the family said was he looks so sweet
What a beautiful child
And love is so evident in his eyes
Won't he ever smile

And he was always first in his class
Made the teacher feel a fool
She wrote home in anger
He's not our brand
He's got a shitty attitude

So like a child removed from his toys
He was taken from the school
But he was my favorite
He was my favorite man

Nice lookin' for a man

Come mingle with his own thoughts
His only teacher was the past
He manumitted us foolish values
But the people with the cash
They branded him pink commie fag

But he was my favorite man

And he was torn in half deciding what was right and wrong
To be a man or to be a man's conscience
After all he wasn't God
But he was my favorite
He was my favorite man
Not a bad lookin' man

Well if you ever speak a word of wisdom
Think about our man
Who occupies a bed in bellevue
And is waiting for the end

You'll be his favorite
You'll be his favorite man
You can be my favorite man