Analyst Says
Written by Kevin McMahon
Performed by Lucky Pierre
Communiqué EP 12" Cover Image
1978-1988 Cassette Cover Image
Who is the man - the way to kasa lita
Although weak I am fond of you
Chained to the world to get my head together
I took it all out on you
Now I'm talking to the man from a couch
He's gonna figure out why I
Dream all my friends are spies or kamakaze
My lovers mannequins
He's got degrees, he's schooled on how to listen
I'll take it all out on him

He's out to catch his secretary's eye
I'm trying to figure out why I'm alive!
Analyst says! Analyst says!

Analyst says you've got thinking pain
But keep your wallet open and I can help you
Analyst says you've got one solution: come more often

He says you're gonna need a lot of bread
You got a lot of head to get better
You're gonna need another job
You gotta make a lot to get better
I said I think I got this figured out
I didn't need to shout but I'm fed up
You got me working nearly every day
I got no energy to get better
No -

He's thinking about what he's gonna drive
Tryin' to figure out why I'm alive
Analyst says
You got one solution
Come more often