Beachland Ballroom
Wreckard Tour
Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland OH
Supported By: Ether Net
Review by Azroth:

We arrived at the beachland around 7:15, already having a few drinks... myself more than others. Mark from the beachland came out and told us we were early. I told him who I was and then he came a few seconds later and said 'Why don't you come in'. So we went into the tavern area and sat down. A few other guys snuck in when mark invited us in. I didn't catch their names but they mentioned visiting the site and the leaked tracks Manson tracks. It was cool that there were (dn) people there even if I didn't know who they were.

Mark said that the band was running a bit late so the doors might not open until after 8pm. I think polished off Crestfallen's bottle of sprite and absolut vanilla. We could hear PRICK warming up. They played Communique, Tough(?) and a song I hadn't heard before, I thought it was the opening band warming up.. but later I figured out its was what I believe was a new song (this will be explained later). The Tavern area was really cool. I talked to Mark about hanging the (dn) banner and he said he didn't have a problem with it.

About 8:30 they let us into the ballroom. and I walked back to the bar area to check it out and was passed by a rushed Kevin. I caught up with him back by the merch booth and had him sign one of the flyers and introduced myself. He said 'digital noise, you guys are on my shitlist for that whole Trent thing' as he signed it. Then said 'your not really, I just have to vent ya know' Someone came up and asked 'why is digital noise on his shit list?' I explained the April fools joke and that he was just kidding' The person said that they got the April fools joke and thought it was funny. This was a relief since I thought everyone and their mom was going to want to beat me down due to it.

We then met up with Libido, who had come all the way from England. He was with his friend, funny thing is I never figured out who was libido and who was the friend. But they both seemed like cool guys. Talked to them for a bit. Mark came back and got me some packing tape to hang up the (dn) banner since I forgot duct tape to hang up. I put it up under the bar sign which illuminated it a bit.

The combination of the cure playing and alcohol made me want to sleep so I went and found a nice dark corner and sat down. I was then approached by some girl who said she lurked on (dn) as she aggressively shook my hand ... moth girl.. something or other I believe, she then said that I pissed off a lot of people with the April fools joke and that I had balls to show up, let alone speak my name. I explained to her that it was April fools and that people should lighten up. That other people got the joke and pointed to the guy I was talking to earlier. At that point I stopped listing to her and got a drink. The (dn) banner started to fall down and putting it back up wasn't working so I had to eventually take it down. Which was ok, I think the 50 to 75 people that showed up were there at that point.

Ether Net Came out and did there set which must have been cut short. They were pretty decent for an opening band. Good pure rock music. I have a feeling they are more of a studio band and less of a live band at this point. Their cd might actually be pretty good. They played about 4 or 5 songs I believe. They started doing the switch for prick and I laid down and admired the beachland it was actually a really nice venue.

I then saw Kevin and the rest of the band walk towards the stage and got ready for PRICK. They came out and opened with Communique The sound was awesome really crystal clear. It was the best sounding concert I have been too. It was nice and loud.. but you could still actually make out the lyrics. And since I'm not good at the song by song thing.. Here is the set list:

other people
three rings
I know its gonna hurt
no fair fights
I got it bad
without it
darling dead
into my arms

wet cat
(and also supposed to be a new song but it got cut due to Kevin not feeling too well from what Andy K said)

Everyone was on and the band was solid. Kevin had a great stage presence and the whole performance was flawless. I was *REALLY* disappointed with the turn out tho. Especially you dn people *glare*

Stuck around after the show and talked to Tom Lash who snagged a set list for me and asked us to stick around. Someone actually asked to have their picture taken with me which I have to admit kind of freaked me out.. not that I minded.. it was just a first for me. Various people came up saying they knew (dn) and said that if it wasn't for (dn) they wouldn't have heard about the show, since I heard this from about 10 people or so this made me feel a little better about the whole April fools thing.

Tom came out a few minuets later and we talked to him for a bit. He couldn't have been any nicer. He seemed genuinely pleased that we were able to make it out and that we thought the show was worth the trip. He told us about the Buffalo show being canceled and I had a nice laugh at the expense of AuralX (no money my ass.. you just figured you could go to Buffalo... I kid I kid)

We then meet up with the infamous One Fast Porsche, who by the way does look like George Clooney. Once again, really cool guy. Talked to him for a bit. He said that he had video taped the show and joked about how Kevin was probably going to destroy it. Tho he did say he saw someone else recording the show (if this was you.. EMAIL ME! He said that the sound of the show was really good as well, and he has been to his share of PRICK shows.

Kevin came out and OFP introduced us to him again. He signed things for everyone. He then said 'Yeah Trent was pretty pissed about the April fools joke... he wanted it to be a surprise'. I mentioned that the turn out wasn't what I had expected and he mentioned that since most everything
is owned by clear channel now there was basically no publicity for the show. He seemed like he just wanted to get out of there and get home so didn't talk to him for too long, but once again, just like everyone else. really cool.. down to earth..

We went back to the bar area and saw Andy K He was talking to libido. Crestfallen seemed a little nervous and tr67 and I had to nudge her on. We talked to him just for a few seconds and when he signed my copy of the set list (his) he pointed out that the ones marked with arrows (tough and darling dead) were the ones that they were going to cut since Kevin wasn't feeling to well and that the notes at the bottom were for a new song that they didn't play.

Then I stuck a (dn) sticker above the toilet in the mens room.. Then we took off.

Great show, Well worth the trip, and believe me, that's saying a lot. my trip sucked hard... but that's a whole different story. Thanks to everyone especially Tom Lash and Mark at the Beachland.