South Park Meadows
Outside Tour
South Park Meadows, Austin TX
Supporting: Nine Inch Nails & David Bowie
Review by Robert Perez Jr.:

The sun was setting just over the trees behind the stage, as a cold front dropped temperatures into the high fifties. The smell of fajitas filled the air as concession stands prepared for the 18,000 people expected for the performances of Prick, Nine Inch Nails and David Bowie.

Quietly, Prick walked on stage and put on their instruments. Most of the crowd was either sitting on the grass or still coming through the gate when Kevin McMahon (vocals and guitar) started strumming his guitar, checking the sound. "I don't mind telling you, I don't mind," and with that the band jumped into "I Got It Bad." The stage was dark and dimly lit, but that seemed to add to the drama of Prick. Prick is McMahon, Sebastien Monney (bass), Chris Schleyer (guitar), Gary Hammond (drums), and Dave Ogilvie from Skinny Puppy (soundboard).

After a very receptive crowd sent their approval, Prick sneaked into "Other People." The song, once performed by McMahon with the band Lucky Pierre, almost did not make Prick's self titled compact disc. Kevin told us "...some of the things we (McMahon and Trent Reznor) did at Trent's studio like "Other People," for instance, we thought that was going to be just demos, but it was good enough the way it was." Some things are better left not disturbed, it seems.

The upbeat performance continued with "Riverhead." The slower song eased the audience a bit and gave way for some stagelight experimentation with the vocals. Every time McMahon said, "Red," the stage lights turned off, except the red ones. "Communique" led a few Prick fans in a sing-a-long. "Yes, this is it. This will be the night...." "A sign of a good night (performance)," McMahon mentioned, "is when the audience sings and knows the lyrics...."

The haunting and hypnotic "No Fair Fights" stopped the crowd from moshing and crowdsurfing. Time stood still for a moment, as McMahon captured and delivered the heart and soul of Prick. "Hello, frantic frauds of verse...." The low was quickly disturbed with "Tough." This song also appeared in an earlier Lucky Pierre EP from 1988. When asked if any other early material would appear in any future releases, McMahon simply said, "I don't know. I will know when I get back into the studio." And when asked when Prick will go back into the studio, McMahon replied again with "I don't know."

The set concluded with Prick's new single "Animal," the video of which can be seen on MTV. The performance featured a multi-colored array of lights, mainly green. At the end of the song, McMahon thanked the crowd and left. Austin was pumped, and they wanted more.

After Prick's performance, McMahon said that he "would like to find some of his earlier work (albums) with Lucky Pierre, if it were possible." If anybody could help, I'm sure McMahon would appreciate it.