6.25.12, 6:01pm
Complete KM Interview Available / Various Updates

It's been a while...

We've combined parts 1 & 2 of our Kevin McMahon interview, as well as the remaining fragments that would have been Part 3, into one complete read. You can read the complete, unedited luckyPRICK interview with Kevin McMahon HERE.

Also, we unearthed a few old Lucky Pierre photos, as well as information on another LP performance from June of 1980. This information has been added to their respective locations in the Lucky Pierre section.

Additionally, Andy Kubiszewski sent us a slew of Exotic Birds bits & pieces. I've not yet had the time to go through all of it, but I've added some of the photos to the site. Check em out.

And lastly, I have a few articles relating to Lucky Pierre and Exotic Birds that aren't currently on the site. As time permits, I'll scan, transcribe, and get them added, so be sure to check back for those.

Hope 2012 is treating everyone well!

- Rob
The luckyPRICK team.

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By SonjaDeatt, 8.7.17 7:55pm
AWESOME to see the interview up in all it's unedited glory!!! *Fingers crossed* that this is the start of some great LPM music news!!!
By Todd, 6.26.12 4:36pm

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