3.16.09, 1:48pm
Interview with Kevin McMahon

Deep breath. I have been given the divine pleasure of announcing that we have been granted an interview with Kevin. In fact, not only that - we've been given a multiple part interview & granted you all the chance to ask Kevin some questions yourself.

Oh but there's more.

Kevin has given us another song. It's a digitally remastered Lucky Pierre track to accompany the interview with. Word has it this track is from a forthcoming release.

Yes, I am as excited as you are. Possibly more. No, I can't back that up. Anyways, here's the link you've been waiting for impatiently whilst wading through my nonsense:

Kevin McMahon Interview (Part 1 + New Song)

Also, please click the following links for discussions about the interview & questions for Kevin himself.

- Caspar
The luckyPRICK team.

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By ntaletqboj, 2.23.18 11:10pm
Still eagerly waiting :)
By Brian L., 6.11.09 6:02pm
coming up on 3 months since part 1. part 1 of the interview was terrific, the wait is killing us!
By j, 6.9.09 11:57pm
Amazing !
By Jumbo, 5.17.09 11:09am
Man, I'm dying for new Lucky Pierre material... Could it be possible than when he gave a hint about 'november' he meant november 2009? :-/
By danny, 4.18.09 8:21am
Well, we can only post the interview parts as they are approved & given to us. I'm sorry if this is frustrating for some fans. Look on the bright side... at least you know a Part 2 is coming, rather than just sitting in the dark completely as we have been for some time.
By Rob, 4.16.09 11:16am
I thought the idea was we got a new part of the interview once a week not once a year
By me, 4.16.09 6:24am
I sung the praises of this interview and of Kevin over on my site, maurydegeofroy.com thanks so much for keeping the world informed about Kevin's current work. No matter how much music I listen to, I always find myself going back to him and feeling impressed. He's outlasted every other musician I loved from the 90s, with the possible exception of Coil and Meat Beat Manifesto... even they, however, haven't commanded my ferocious attention like Kevin has, and he continues to surprise me at every turn, the new songs are no exception (thought i'd heard the original version of the one attached to this interview).
By Maury, 3.26.09 11:42pm

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