10.28.08, 4:50pm
Kevin McMahon Is Back! : "PRICK" or Treat.

Yes, you read that right. Kevin McMahon is back with a new project called "( sic )", and a blistering new politically charged song, which we have the absolute honor of debuting for all of you as a special treat for Halloween from the guys over at LPM!

The download is only available for a limited time (Midnight, 11/01/2008, EST), so act FAST & tell EVERYONE you know!

Download ( sic ) - "Runaway Brain" MP3 (9.5MB)

Discuss the new track HERE. We really wanna know what you all think!

Sign up for our mailing list HERE to stay up to date on the latest breaking Kevin related news.

- Rob
The luckyPRICK team.

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By jtaletxojd, 2.24.18 4:03am
Shit. Missed out on this. Why only until Nov 1st?
By PimPamPet, 11.4.08 5:08pm
Awesome! I knew there'd be more from Kevin!
By Christopher Jon, 10.31.08 12:54pm
Keeps stopping before I finish downloading it...

By Scott, 10.31.08 12:51am
This is very exciting. I can't wait to get an album :D
By Justin, 10.30.08 11:22pm
I really like the song a lot. It's pretty great. I'm so happy to see some new work! Keep it up, Kevin.
By Nick, 10.29.08 9:36pm
completely awsome, hoping for an album soon!
By brad, 10.29.08 1:35pm
"Sic", huh? Looks like we're gonna have to make up one more band tab! Fantastic news... nice work guys for getting a chance to debut the song... Thanks Kevin! Awesomeness! Welcome back!
By Todd, 10.29.08 9:41am
Wow. I really enjoyed that! Are there more songs coming? Pleeeease?!
By nothing_void, 10.29.08 9:37am
Great to see.. really great. I thought he may have gone into retirement!
By rockstar, 10.29.08 1:16am
hey - seems to be working for most people. try again after a hard refresh. we just adjusted something that might make it work better for you.
By caspar, 10.28.08 5:29pm
btw *squeal!* I AM SO EXCITED!
By peejay, 10.28.08 5:20pm
I can't seem to download it. It gets to 162kb and stops. Any thoughts?
By peejay, 10.28.08 5:19pm

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