7.31.07, 3:41pm
Free CDs Giveaway!

Tom Lash was nice enough to send us some Hot Tin Roof CDs to send out to the fans for free. We were thinking of the best way to do this, and then it hit us... the Mailing List! If you want some Free CDs, sign up for our Mailing List. We don't have a ton of CDs, so sign up as soon as you can, as we can only give away the CDs while supplies last!

Just click the link above and sign up. We'll be in touch with you to get your address information. Easy as pie.

- Rob
The luckyPRICK team.

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I just had a moment of common sense and pulled what I could off of the wayback machine. They were done by Amy Weiser. Perhaps there's something in contacting her?
By Jay, 8.2.07 2:00pm
Excellent. Keep up the good work guys.
By Out, 8.1.07 12:04pm
Jay... show us where the pics are and we'll try to grab em. Feel free to e-mail us through the contact form, too.
By -Rob, 8.1.07 8:44am
I'm pretty sure I subscribed on myspace(with no follow up) so please go easy on me if I flood you guys. That's awesome of Tom to offer up the albums. I'm more of a "Cats" direction for post Pierre music but if I do landone of these I'll have to whore the hell out of it. Keep up the good work.

P.S. Any plans on adding the Odeon photos that were on the Prick site? They're sitting on a computer that's very hard to keep on long enough to grab them.
By Jay, 7.31.07 10:56pm

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