Lucky Choice For Cult Movie
The Plain Dealer, April 1st 1988
By Jane Scott
Transcribed by Robert Ferent
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Some guys have all the luck. For Lucky Pierre, a local original band, most of it was bad. Minor things, such as it's truck blowing up or its equipment being stolen.

"And I fell off the stage a couple times," said founder/leader Kevin McMahon, a St. Edwards High School graduate.

But his luck changed last year in a recording studio in San Francisco, just like the movies.

"I was recording some of my songs when a guy came in and said I looked familiar. I told him I had a band, Lucky Pierre. He said 'I know you guys. You played in Chicago. Could I use one of your songs for background in a movie?'I said sure," McMahon reported.

Turns out the film man, Robert Scott, was from Akron (with a name like Scott you can't be all bad).

The windup was that McMahon did the theme song, "Dizzy Tonight", along with Romeo Void member Debora Iyall, for the film "The Video Dead." He had some of his old band out there - Drummer Dave Zima, saxophone player Trent Reznor, singer Tom lash and Lucky Pierre's first guitar player John Guciardo, who happened to be living in San Francisco.

"Actually, 'The Video Dead' is kind of a camp horror movie. It's full length. It's got a good cult following and is doing well in video stores," McMahon added.

Soundtracks are more than doing session work, he finds, but he also like producing. He mentioned a couple groups he produced just in case they ever get famous some day - Zoo Station, Playhouse 90 and Johnny Tahoe and the Flaming Tondos.

This conversation took place in mad, merry Cleveland not in the Bay City. McMahon is between assignments and has come home on a break for several months.

Then, too, Lucky Pierre has a new five-song EP out. The band will showcase it tonight at the Phantasy Nite Club in Lakewood. The Holy Cows will open first, around 11pm. Both bands will go on after the Jerry Harrison concert at 8pm in the Phantasy Theatre.

"I'll have the same band - Lash and Reznor and Zima, but Rick Christyson will be on Lead Guitar," McMahon added.

The EP, "Communique", will include the songs "Tough", "Analyst Says", "I Need To Get To Know", "Man Against the Wall", and the title track.

Lucky Pierre will do a full set, though, tossing in such Pierre favorites as "Fans and Cameras" (it's first single), "into My Arms", and "Man On The Rocks".

The band recorded on Cleveland based Banana Records. J. Artist Management handles its account. Cleveland artist Roger Golling did the record cover.

McMahon planned to do more playing out when he went to San Francisco three years ago, "But I found more performance art, multimedia events," he said.

He had gone to London and Paris first to see what it would be like to play out in the streets. For a while he played out with some Irish guys, he recalled.

"Now I'm negotiating for more sound track work," he said.